Creative Ads 2021

Initially called “The What If” project, we set out to create 16 creative Ads and in the process, we decided to “literally think outside & inside the box” to achieve our goal. We faced the crazy challenge of creating something that is obvious at first sight but had a funny inner meaning at second sight. We decided to take the brands we know most in Kenya & we asked ourselves, “what if they were known for something completely different?” And just like that, the task of thinking outside of the box began. The 2021 Creative Ads project is a continuation of our previous 2019 project.


Help to rebuild a unified visual system with multiple mobility options. Meaning: a single cross platform app with a harmonised UX flow that help people embrace the new identity system through play and interaction.

  • Strategy

    Creative Ads, Branding Strategy

  • Design

    Advertising, Poster Ads

  • Production

    Design Sprints, Documentation

  • Platforms

    Desktop, iOS