We’ve been privileged to work on amazing case studies. Whether it’s branding, design, or strategy, we have thrown ourselves (intentionally) in the deep end of some breathtaking projects. 

We love what we do and create partnerships with our clients to ensure their digital transformation is positioned for long-term success. We believe that the human dimensions are essential to start any successful project and that this is where splendid emotional relationships between the company and people are born. Intuition and strategy integrate the research methodology that we also apply to traditional media.


Before we begin our journey together we need to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go. We get to know you, your business and your customers so that we can challenge assumptions and uncover insights to get to the core of your businesses unique needs and desires.


We can now define our destination and develop a clear map for getting there. Applying our creative thinking, we craft clear strategies that differentiate your business and meet your objectives.


Together, we explore creative concepts that bring our strategy to life, developing a unique and ownable visual and verbal identity that will transform your brand.


With our brand identity in place, we work with our own creatives in collaboration with our extensive network to shape the best team for your project, using specialist knowledge to create outcomes that move people.


A look back at the journey we’ve taken together, this stage allows us to review our performance, address key learnings and identify opportunities where we can create greater impact and amplify your brand to meet your strategic objectives.

Why the name Cchora?

The name cchora is derived from the Swahili word cchora, which means to draw. Our chora obviously has a double 'c' as you've noticed. We wanted to be asociated with a name that represented creativity and expression. The sense of adventure without going overboard.

Who directs the work?

Our team of 15 artists work collaboratively with you on the creative choices. It allows everyone on the team a chance to help shape and improve the final results, crafting work that is more engaging than with just a single voice. We work constructively towards a common goal while not being overly precious with any single idea / vision.

When can you start and how long will it take?

You’re probably expecting this answer, but it depends on what you’re looking to do and how soon. Usually it takes at least four weeks for most projects but longer projects can take 3-4 months. Get in touch with us with more information and we’ll figure it out.

Can I join the team?

We have a full team currently, but we’d love to meet and see your work, we'll just need to find you a seat. You can reach out to us at — even if we don't have a space now we might have the opportunity in the future.

Do you offer internships?

Paid internships are part of our studio culture. During the summer, we work with universities to select two students for the 3-month internship. Please email us at


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