Kettle & Bones

For Ololo Farms, a premium bone broth company, we crafted a warm and inviting branding and packaging design that highlights the nourishing and wholesome qualities of their vegetable, beef, and chicken bone broths. Our design approach was to create a visual identity that reflects the farm-to-table freshness and artisanal craftsmanship of Ololo Farms products.

The packaging design for Ololo Farms is rustic yet refined, featuring a rich, earthy color palette with shades of green, brown, and beige that evoke the natural, wholesome ingredients used in their broths. We incorporated hand-drawn illustrations of vegetables, cattle, and chickens, along with elegant, vintage-style typography, to create a design that feels both authentic and premium. Each type of broth has its own distinct color accent, making it easy for consumers to identify their preferred flavor.

Our branding strategy focused on the themes of health, tradition, and quality. We aimed to create a visual identity that not only looks appealing but also communicates Ololo Farms’ dedication to producing high-quality, nutritious bone broths. The combination of natural imagery, earthy colors, and classic typography ensures that Ololo Farms products stand out on the shelves and convey a sense of trust and reliability.

Ololo Farms is more than just a bone broth company; it’s a source of nourishment and wellness for individuals and families. Whether used in cooking, as a base for soups, or enjoyed as a warm, comforting drink, Ololo Farms Bone Broth provides the rich, hearty flavors and nutritional benefits that consumers seek. Our design brings this experience to life, ensuring that every aspect of the branding and packaging reflects the wholesome, farm-fresh goodness of Ololo Farms Bone Broth.

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