360° Sports Hub

Feel the passion

“It’s hard to put into words how awesome it was to work with Cchora Studio on this rebrand - this brand is the result of what a meaningful collaboration looks like, and consequently helped us shape the future of e-commerce & sports”

Grace Nafula (Founder, 360° Sports Hub)

360° Sports Hub black logo

360° Sports Hub is a growing sports house selling all sports merchandise across Kenya. The brand needed to evolve to further inspire, captivate and remain relevant for audiences and customers – living up to its promise of being ‘best of the best in sports merchandise'. We focussed our attention on the digit 'O' and the Degree icon. The hub sells all sorts of merchandise and we wanted to capture that 'all round' capacity of the brand. We helped position 360° in a new category, evolving their brand narrative into ‘better living’. Buying from 360° means being part of a community that cares about your whole experience – from making the purchase to getting involved in the passion that sports bring.

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