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Autotronix Services is an automobile security solutions company specializing in car key programming, car security solutions, car key repairs, and car key accessories. The Autotronix team approached us to create a visual identity that represents their brand values. In addition, they wanted a brand guideline that can stand out as a premium automotive company in Kenya.

With this in mind, we went to overdrive to create a simple contemporary logo that every car owner can identify. Working on a semi-pro-bono basis, Cchora Studio reimagined the already ambitious brand strategy; creating a new brand purpose statement that is simple, powerful, and actionable. It unites the organization internally, externally and helps to broaden Autotronixs' reach.

To make the brand more inclusive, we created an accessible typeface and evolved the brand look and feel by adding a broader, vibrant color palette reflective of Autotronixs' new direction. Inspired by the love of cars that has sharply increased among the youth in Kenya, we spent a lot of time with this demographic to get an insight into the culture.

“More and more young people are owning cars or hope to own one in the immediate future. Trying to create a visual identity for this demographic was an amazing opportunity for us."

Moses Sanya (Founder, Cchora Studio)

“Very professional and extremely creative. We enjoyed the experience of having Cchora doing our branding."

Martin Mugo (Partner, Autotronix)

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