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BYOL is a healthy product line created by Organic Life Kenya. Organic Life is an organization focussed on small & large-scale farming in Kenya. In addition, Organic Life is determined to advocate the importance of agriculture amongst the youth and the long-lasting benefits it has on the economy. The Organic Life team approached us to create a visual identity that represents their brand values on their product line BYOL. Furthermore, they wanted a product brand that will clearly stand out in the market. With 3 products (honey, white ginger & cocoa butter) as the first products, we had to design a visual identity that cuts across those lines and is flexible enough to allow growth to other products.

Today, Organic Life together with BYOL product line seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable future of food for a zero hunger country. With this in mind, we went to overdrive to create a simple contemporary logo that can reflect a healthy lifestyle movement. Working on a semi-pro-bono basis, Cchora Studio reimagined the already ambitious brand strategy; creating a new brand purpose statement that is simple, powerful, and actionable. It unites the organization internally, externally and helps to broaden Organic Lifes' reach.

To make the brand more inclusive, we created an accessible typeface and evolved the brand look and feel by adding a broader, healthy lifestyle color palette reflective of BYOL new product line. Inspired by the love of space, we joined the adventure of space and the energy of children - allowing Mwana Arts' to create a space where young people can give back to the low-income communities using their talents and help children realize their potential.

“We’re thrilled to have worked with Cchora Studio whose expertise has helped us bring to life our brand refresh."

Gregoire Oluoch (Co-Founder, BYOL)

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