Color Inspo

The beauty of colors


This project began as an in-house experiment with the Cchora team to find colors that inspire creativity. Colors are very personal and therefore based on individual preferences and life experiences some colors may place individuals in a more creative mood than others. This is what made this project amazing, finding out which colors inspire the many different individuals in our team. Our staff used different methods to find specific colors like color scheme designer which is primarily used for picking colors to aid the development of websites. By selecting a color the site displays the various shades of that color that complement each other. The goal of the project was to enable creativity. Because colors that inspire creativity stimulate the ability to be creative they are classed as creativity enablers. Other enablers could include walking and other forms of exercise, relaxing, a change of scenery or simply taking a warm bath.

"What started as a fun in-house experiment spiraled into something amazing. We created a fun, engaging experience of color by drawing inspiration from foods and vegetables"

Moses Sanya (Founder, CEO)

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