Covid 19 & Digital Employability Programme

Creating opportunities for young women during the pandemic.


ACWICT in partnership with the UK Aid launched the COVID-19 and Digital Employability Program aimed at equipping unemployed/underemployed young women who have lost their jobs/business opportunities due to Covid-19 disruption. The program will help young women with market-driven online/digital work skills to enable them to become re-employed or secure new employment and business opportunities. We were tasked with designing a Visual Identity for the program that will reach out to all young women across Kenya.

During the process of creating a visual identity for the program. we wanted to create a branding campaign that combined the values of UK Aid and the passion of ACWICT. With the goal of the project in mind, the challenge arose as we attempted to find an identity that will appeal to all young women across the country. We worked closely with the African Centre Women for Information Communications Technology (ACWICT) to get an identity for the program. It’s all about being able to reach out to all young women across Kenya. We used the international sign for women in order to be identifiable with all young women across the country. Merged together with the overall visual identity the final result is a fresh, energetic, and modern visual system.

"We were able to achieve the goals set by the UKAID for this program. This was greatly influenced by the Visual Identity created by Cchora".

Thomas Ayuaki (Program Manager, ACWICT)

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