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Most print adverts out there are annoying, but given the number of professionals working in the marketing and advertising industries, they’re bound to come up with something fresh and creative sooner or later. We’ve gone through our archives to collect some of the most creative print ads we worked on for some our clients and our own campaigns. Some of the best ads feature clever tongue-in-cheek jokes that make us laugh, others have clever puns that make us think, and some even make us react emotionally. Most of the ads we’re going to show you didn’t just advertise the company or cause behind it; they also made an actual point. So if you don’t understand the angle at first, give it some time and think about it. Take a look!.

"Sometimes you need to let loose and go crazy! Thats exactly what we did when creating this amazing ads."

Moses Sanya (CEO, Cchora)

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