Taste the flava


Flava is a start-up business producing organic juices. Flava consists of two flavors which are berry and orange. The goal of this project was to create a distinct packaging and branding campaign that will appropriately present the business core values. We set about creating several ideas that will fit the vision of the FLAVA brand. After looking at many juice brands it was clear that something different was needed in that area. With the natural pureness of the brand, the visual identity had to reflect that.


Our idea was to push forward the 100% natural production of Flava to the public so the visual identity had to relay this. We created an identity that is dynamic, pure, and busting with energy. The Flava logo represents the pureness of Flava & the fun nature of the brand. We created everything FLAVA would need to launch a clean brand around Kenya — including distinctive custom typography, a vibrant color palette, and photography guidelines featuring confident local users.

"It was a risk, but I am so grateful I took it with the Cchora. The work done on our brand is world class. We now have great confidence ahead of our product release"

V.George (Founder, Flava)

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