Free The Fear Controlled Human

Challenging the concept of fear


Free The Fear Controlled Human is a social awareness campaign creating awareness on mental health among the Kenyan youth. Also, the project educates young people on fear and its elusiveness. We created 12 digital artworks and a full publication to make sure the campaign reaches everyone. So, we exhibited the artworks at the 2018 World Youth Alliance Africa Arts Forum, “Art & Dignity”. In addition, photos from renowned photographers, Mwangi Gatheca, Marquise Kamanke, Josh Nutall & Alexander Krivitskiy were used for the publication of the project. We also had to create a visual identity for a social awareness campaign with the goal of creating awareness of Mental Health among the Kenyan youth

"Mental health has come to the forefront as one of the biggest challenges in our time. We want to play our part in addressing this issue the best way we can, thiat is why this exhibition was so special"

Moses Sanya (CEO, Cchora Studio)

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