Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab

Training program for creative producers


Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab (GLCPL) is a training program for creative producers across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. This program is meant to address some of the challenges that exist in the film ecosystem across East Africa where the role of a creative producer is not always well understood. The goal of this new initiative is to increase the number of creative producers in East Africa as well as their skills in order to create greater opportunities and access to the global markets The GLCPL team approached us to create a visual identity that represents their brand values. In addition, they wanted a brand guideline that can clearly resonate with film producers in Africa.

With this in mind, we went to overdrive to create a simple contemporary logo that every producer can identify. Working on a semi-pro-bono basis, Cchora Studio reimagined the already ambitious brand strategy; creating a new brand purpose statement that is simple, powerful, and actionable. It unites the organization internally, externally and helps to broaden GLCPLs' reach.

To make the brand more inclusive, we created an accessible typeface and evolved the brand look and feel by adding a broader, vibrant color palette reflective of GLCPLs' new attitude. Inspired by the love of film, we joined the limitless nature of creativity and the energy of film - allowing GLCPL' to create a space where young film producers can express their talents and realize their potential.

“Very professional and extremely creative. We enjoyed the experience of having Cchora doing our branding that we have them two other contracts to develop branding for projects we're developing. I highly recommend them."

Samuel Tebandeke (Founder, GLCPL)

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