A healthier way of living


Greeny is a growing vegetarian business selling fresh produce. Following a period of operating in the outskirts of Nairobi, the business decided to move its operations to the city. With this new environment, the business needed to rethink its brand and values. They needed to grow into the Nairobi vibrant scene and match up with the competition. Also, they need a revitalized branding & modern visual identity. For the last 3 months, we worked closely with the Greeny team to come up with the best visual identity for the business. The world of vegetable produce sales is often rigid and lacks vibrancy. This is unusual considering the importance of healthy eating. More than three-quarters of the population in Nairobi buy fresh vegetables every day. By transforming the business from a single one-stop shop to a platform for healthy living, Greeny found its own fresh, distinctive voice.


As a new player within the produce industry, Greeny needed a look that emphasized their creativity and expression. Realizing that people’s moods, productivity, and strengths are directly related to what they eat, informed the visual language, art direction, photography, and illustration. We made more than just a set of in-house tools and guidelines. We created an inspired guideline to use as a springboard, enabling them to implement the brand in exciting ways, across media, and throughout Kenya.

"The branding done by the Cchora team is amazing!. There is no business in my field that even has a closer look & feel like mine. I'm over the moon! Thank you guys"

Herold Kimathi (Managing Director, Greeny)

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