RDC Packaging

Adapt to the times


Rich Dudu Collections is an apparel company producing designer shoes & apparel. The objective of this project was to create a unique shoebox capturing its African essence. All of RDC’s products are made in Kenya and the need to redesign its packaging to fit the brands’ originality was needed. The use of Tradition African Prints has become overused in the creative world. We decided to create a modern representation of African prints with the brand colors. RDC has a motto of “Adapt To The Times” and we made sure that the visual identity represents that. For 4 months we worked closely with the RDC team to ensure that nothing was left to chance

"Africa is known for its traditional prints. We wanted to create a modern African Print that's symbolizes the future of African brands. We're glad that the Cchora team was able to capture this."

Rochard Luyo (Founder, RDC Collections)

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