Shaash Entertainment

The future of sound


Shaash Entertainment is a professional music studio located in the capital of Nairobi Kenya, within Ngara estate. Shaash Entertainments’ goal is to align the needs of its brand, with the needs of professional artists. Above all, artists who struggle to find a suitable music label that will facilitate their growth. In addition, creating a sustainable, healthy environment for the daily production of quality music is important.

With this goal set in hand, the importance of presenting a global & local brand for Shaash Entertainment is crucial. Artists, producers and all recognized parties in the music industry need to identify with the brand. Most importantly the consumer (general public) needs to identify with the brand as the best & most suitable studio for all their music & music production needs. This is also very important to gain an advantage over competitors while creating an identity in the same process. The main areas that will be used to develop the brand are: Advertising, Customer service, Promotional merchandise, Reputation & Logo.

"The music studio industry in Kenya is very rigid in terms of branding. We're glad that we can step out of that space with this flexible brand design"

Klaus Osebe (Producer, Shaash Ent.)

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