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Trends is a Kenyan company producing, distributing news and information from leading news websites in Kenya. The main goal is to ensure that Kenyans receive their news from this single site. With the ambitions of the company, finding a suitable logo and visual identity was crucial. Moreover, a logo that can stand with time for an ever-changing digital platform. ​The company currently publishes approximately 100 trending topics every day from more than 50 news organizations. Also, presenting Kenyans with diversity in every topic. Publications under Trends range from Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Showbiz, Lifestyle, Celebrity, Fashion, Health, and many more. The goal was to design a modern logo that represents a millennial vision of the brand


Creating an icon that everyone can understand and is commonly associated with the news. As a result, we focused on the hashtag. We used it to create a fresh and minimalist style. As a result, we defined the three core colors for the brand. Secondly, we combined the colors in the strokes on the hashtag icon. In addition, a circular shape symbolizes alertness when it comes to receiving the news.

"We can now move forward confidently! We have an amazing visual identity that will resonate with our consumer base. Thank you Cchora team"

Alfred Mbai (Founder, Trends)

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